Asian Noodle Bowls cartoon porn videos (Mein)

Served with egg roll or soup


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Vegetarian Lo Mein

A popular lunch or dinner among Asian. Assorted vegetables served on top of stir-fried noodle.


Chicken/Beef/Pork/Shrimp Lo Mein or Combo

Fresh wheat noodle cooked with fresh vegetables, your choice of meat or seafood, sauteed in garlic-onion flavored light brown sauce.


Cantonese Roast Pork Lo milf porn Mein

Fresh roasted lean pork, seasoned and chopped finely, mixed with chopped fresh vegetables, sauteed with wheat noodle in a delicious light sauce. Very popular among Chinese.


Dan Dan Mein(Chicken or Shrimp)

A very popular dish! This pasta dish is delicious with either chicken or shrimp in a aromatic brown garlic sauce.


Pad Thai(Chicken or Shrimp)

A typical Thai dish is made of narrow, flat rice noodle stir-fried with pork, chicken or shrimp($1.00 extra), and served with condiments, such as crushed peanuts, fish sauce for each diner to season to his own taste. Here we add fresh bean sprouts, sweet pepers, scallion, and lime juice for your enjoyment.


Singapore Chicken or Beef lesbian videos Rice Noodle

Marinated tender chicken or beef slices stir-fried with rice noodle in a flavor you are sure to enjoy.


Three Delicacies Lo Mein in Clear Chicken Broth

Chinese wheat noodle in chicken broth served with large shrimp, chicken and beef with the freshest vegetables on the top. A hearty winter meal!


Cantonese Flat Rice Noodles(Chow Fun)
(Beef or lesbian porn Chicken)(Southeast Asia Style)

A delicious combination of color, texture, taste and flavor! Flat rice noodle is low in calorie and none in fat; a variation from traditional lo-mein dishes. Cooked in southeast Asian way will surprise and delight you.


Korean Sa Ma Noodle

A popular northern Ch porno gay inese dish adapted by the Koreans.  pork, Shrimp, Scallop, Crab meat, sweet onion, topped with vegetables, mushroom, green onion, served in hot and spicy broth. Very aromatic and appetizing!


Shrimp Wonton Noodle Bowl

Chinese favorite noodle soup all year round! Shrimp filled wonton dumplings topped with fresh and veggie in a bowl of hot noodle soup. Delicious!


Japanese Udon Noodle Bowl(Chicken or Shrimp)

Served with fresh vegetables in clear broth filled with vermicelli noodles.


Seafood Udon in XO sauce

Sauteed shrimp, squid and scallop with vegetables in hot seafood oil.


Shredded hot milfs Duck Rice Noodle Soup

Duck meat sprout, black mushroom, rice noodle inchicken broth.

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You may request to prepare your favoriate dishes without salt, MSG or OILS.

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