Vegetarian Dishes

Served with steamed rice, veggie egg roll or soup



Vegetarian Fried Rice

Diced fresh mixed vegetables stir-fried and seasoned to a perfect and wonderful flavor! A hearty meal that tastes so good!


Garden Vegetables Stir-Fried

Fresh seasoned vegetables stir and seasoned to a perfect flavor and wonderful texture.


Szechuan String Beans

Tender fresh string beans sauteed in garlic black bean sauce tastes wonderful!


Braised Egg Plants

One of the most flavored vegetarian dishes in China.


Hunan Tofu with Vegetables in Rich Brown milf porn Sauce

Assorted vegetables and Tofu in spicy brown sauce.


Crisp Vegetarian Steak(To Fu) in Sizzling Sauce

A unique creation favored by many Americans, high protein diet, a lesbian videos great dish to entertain or simply to enjoy.


Vegetarian Delights over Pan Fried Noodles

Stir-fried fresh cut vegetables, seasoned & nude celebrities tossed quickly over soft-fried noodles which is lightly browned to crisp on both sides.


Braised Egg Plants with Tofu in Clay Pot

Tender inside and slightly crisp outside Tofu pieces sauteed with naturally sweet eggplant in rich ginger-garlic brown sauce, served in traditional Japanese clay pot. Aromatically delicious.


Spicy Sweet and Sour Bean Sprout and Tofu

Fresh chopped cabbage and tender sprout mushrooms quickly stir-fried and seasoned with our unique sweet, sour and spicy sauce.


Vegetarian Clay Pot

Assortment of fresh cut vegetables, such as broccoli, baby corn, water chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, carrots, snow peas, tofu, mushroom, and vermicelli, steamed in Chinese clay pot. Nutritious, delicious, and healthy eating.


Vegetarian Flat Rice Noodle in Garlic Black Bean Sauce

Assortment of fresh vegetables porno gay with soft flat rice noodle in rich flavored garlic black bean sauce is favorite Cantonese meal!


Shitake Mushroom with Baby Bok Choy

A favorite vegetarian dish among the Chinese. Shitake mushroom adds extra flavor to vegetables. Authentic and delicious.


Vegetarian Noodle Bowl

A favorite vegetarian dish among the Chinese. Shitake mushroom adds extra.

WE hot milfs USE CANOLA OIL!

You may request to prepare your favoriate dishes without salt, MSG or OILS.

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